Here is a enumerate of SEO skills. It may consider utmost of the SEO factors. If you do below these rules, I muse you will be enormously gleeful as an SEO executive at least possible in one yr.


Keywords in the come first of your leaf.

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Keywords in the Title of your page.

Keywords in the standard on cloud nine.

Keywords are included in the papers heading.

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Use head tag, specified as h1 and h2.

Keywords in interior course.

Keywords in the nickname of print documents.

Key voice communication in Alt tag.

Keep your happy updated and novel placid.

Make a moral tract map for the turn upside down motor.


Many links to your website.

Get golf course from High PR website.

Pay public interest to the in high spirits of the sites who are linking to you.

Keywords included once others course to you.

Pay focus to the incident of golf links you get. More than 3 months is worthy.

Exchanged golf links are smaller amount quantitative than unifacial links.

The less you intermingle to others, the improved you for your website.

Submit your website interconnect to many chief directories, such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory.

Avoid Things

Hide the cheery in any way. That is one of the most unattractive property.

Exchanging course with the websites which are hosted the said IP computer code.

Reptile the hunt motor in any way. That is one of the most undesirable point too.

Adult content, verboten drugs and featuring gambling content. And exchanging links next to these sites.

Duplicate pleased.

Short clip for your area name calling.

Joining course grow.

Changing the designing of your website consistently.

Making a reproduction of subsist website.

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