Death's a Beach: a Sister Cecile Mystery by Winona Sullivan
Ivy Books, 0804115680, $2.95

Sister Cecile Buddenbrooks is no passable nun, at smallest not the gentle any unfortunate of Catholic institution (like myself) would endorse. An inheritor with a quiet investigator's licence (see earlier mysteries A Sudden Death at the Norfolk Cafe and Dead South for the backstory on this), Sister Cecile supplements the wealth of the Miami status address for Catholic sacred with business earned from her police officer industry. In Death's a Beach, a plum tree work is handed to her as a regional banking concerns hires the nun to visage into the obscure disappearance of one of their own and find any impressive documents end seen on his individual.

For all her contacts and smarts, however, Cecile is unconscious that the first shady in Elliot Barclay's alteration is not Barclay himself but Cecile's pre-teen charge, Leonie, who unknowingly was neck-deep in the man's end. Leonie's concealed is not altogether sealed, however, and in a moment Cecile's perquisite changes from uncovering documents to protective Leonie from a subdued criminal world of so-called company practices, a friend of Barclay's warped on revenge, and a small-minded constabulary serviceman who makes Archie Bunker manifestation close to Santa Claus.

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By conundrum chain standards, the Sister Cecile stories are relatively new (Saving Death, however, was simply free in hasty 2000), and all are unspoilt and amusing reads. Even the conversion in locales from Boston to Miami in Dead South does miniscule to dull Cecile's liking for jaunt and the attractiveness of her sidekicks, childly Leonie and advisable Sister Raphael. Only in literary composition can a nun implement in a circle in a Jaguar or a Ferrari and be plausible.

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